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Lot Rent & Other Charges

Basic Lot Rent is $600/month. This includes water & city sewer, weekly trash pickup, lawn cutting and snow removal (main driveway). See Fee Schedule for additional charges. Rent is due on the first of the month, made payable to:

Branford Mobile Homes, P.O. Box 935, Branford, CT 06405.


Resident FAQ


General Expectations


What you do:

• Pay your rent in a timely manner.

• Be responsible for all utility hookups from the service provided by us to your Home.

• Keep your Home and Lot clean and sanitary.

• Abide by our Rules and Regulations.


What we do:

• Maintain the Park premises and make necessary upgrades.

• Keep water, sewage and utility lines in good working order.

• Prevent or exterminate insects, rodents, vermin or other pests in the area of the Park not your responsibility.

• Allow you to terminate a rental if you give us thirty (30) days notice and remove your Home.


What your rent includes:

Land Lot (approximately 2100 S.F.)

• Water

• Annual sewer use tax

• Weekly trash pick-up

• Snow removal (main driveway)

• Grass cutting (up to 1’ from skirting)

• Leaf removal

• Annual dumpster


Term of Lease:

• 1 year with annual renewals

Seasonal Activities


• Spring/Fall: Dumpster for Spring (and sometimes Fall) cleaning

• Summer: Grass cutting

• Fall: Leaf removal

• Winter: Snow removal (main driveway). Snow removal from individual driveways and steps can be arranged
   at the owner’s request and shall be billed accordingly.



It is your responsibility to maintain the exterior appearance of your Home and Lot. However, we can assist or help you find a service provider. Additional costs shall apply. Clean-up requirements include:

• Power washing (home or shed)

• Yard maintenance

• Bulk trash removal (mattresses, furniture, appliances, etc.)

• Home and deck repairs (including painting)

• Skirting repair



• We are responsible for landscaping the common areas of the Park.

• We will cut your lawn up to 1’ of your skirting.

• You are responsible for raking the grass and removing the grass, weeds and brush around the perimeter of
   your Home.

• You are responsible for the maintenance of any gardens you have planted.

• Unattended gardens may be removed and replaced with grass.

• You are responsible for the removal of weeds in your driveway.


Snow Fall

• We shall remove the snow from the main driveway.

• Cars must be parked in your designated parking area and not block the main driveway.

• Snow removal from individual driveways and steps can be arranged at the owner’s request and shall be billed


Sheds & Decks


• Deck and sheds are allowed if they do not violate the Town’s Building Code and a building permit is obtained.

• Shed roofs must not be higher than 7’ in the center and 5’ at the sides and the overall dimensions shall not
   exceed 8’ x 10’.

• We must sign the application for the Building Permit.

• You shall be responsible for the application fee.



• Not more than one registered vehicle per adult resident shall be kept in the Park.

• Vehicles should be parked in the driveway on your lot and not block the main driveway.

• Unregistered vehicles may be towed away at the owner’s expense.

• No major repairs of vehicles are permitted in the Park.

• No washing of vehicles is permitted in the Park.

• Visitors’ vehicles must be parked in the designated area at the front of the Park.

• No vehicle shall remain in the front of the Park more than 3 days without prior notification to us.


Pets Policy & Restrictions


• Pursuant to the Lease Agreement and the Rules and Regulations, pets are not allowed on the premises
  (long term or short term), without prior permission and consent.

 Pets are subject to approval by Branford Mobile Homes.

 Additional fees for approved pets shall apply.

• Dangerous and aggressive breeds of animals are strictly prohibited. These breeds include (and are not limited
   to): Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, German Shepherds and other bite and attack animals, including
   reptiles, with noted risk history.

• Visitors’ Dogs and/or Cats are not permitted to wander in the Mobile Home Park.

• Activities that violate the Terms and Conditions of the Lease Agreement are subject to financial fines and
  possible Lease termination.




• Call 911 for immediate emergencies concerning safety or health.

• Call the Branford Police direct line for other concerns: (203) 481-4241

• Call Branford Mobile Homes (203) 488-1758 or text (203) 214-4604 any time (24/7).

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